Homebrewing Adventures

For many home brewers their passion may have started with a Cooper’s Kit (http://us.diybeer.com/) on their kitchen range – alone or with a friend. The next step may have been using some syrups from the local home brew shop and adding in your own hops additions. For us, it indeed went the route first with […]

What Types of Beer will we Brew?

While filling our AGCO Manufacturer Licence Application I was humoured by the question: what types of beer will you produce? My initial reaction was, what won’t we brew! We’ll have a standard rotation of quality suds ranging from bitters to porters to reds to wheats to ryes to…well, you get the idea. We’ll also bring […]

What’s with the Name?

A beer by any other name would taste as good? What’s in a name? I remember when I was but a few minutes old and my naming rights were up for grabs…simple times those. My name means something to my parents and the name of the London Brewing Co-operative is important to us, the five […]


I was down at our future brewery space last night to work on some network and computer setups and realized that due to my schedule I hadn’t been down since the New Year! Lucky for me Aaron, Jeff, Joel and the rest of the wonderful folks at On The Move Organics and The Root Cellar […]

CRA Application done – onto the AGCO

I’m certainly becoming well versed in the legalese of incorporation and licensing. While we were officially incorporated in November 2013 we experienced some hiccups as it’s still a bit unusual for some of the ministries to deal with a co-operative. Along the way I’ve encountered a number of helpful folks at the various agencies who […]