What’s with the Name?

Written by David Thuss on February 12, 2014

A beer by any other name would taste as good?

What’s in a name? I remember when I was but a few minutes old and my naming rights were up for grabs…simple times those. My name means something to my parents and the name of the London Brewing Co-operative is important to us, the five brewers working hard to bring this idea to fruition. The beer would taste just as good, the time spent perfecting the recipes would be just as long, and we would be just as excited to see others enjoying it. The rest of the story, however, sustainable development, relationship with the community, relationships with those involved in the production of the ingredients, might be different. We want to see more than just beer being consumed – we want to build those relationships with others and emphasize the important things in life. That’s why we made a decision to form a cooperative, to democratize the decision-making process, to ensure an equitable return to those who work hard to make the product both directly and indirectly.

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