Homebrewing Adventures

Written by David Thuss on February 15, 2014

For many home brewers their passion may have started with a Cooper’s Kit (http://us.diybeer.com/) on their kitchen range – alone or with a friend. The next step may have been using some syrups from the local home brew shop and adding in your own hops additions. For us, it indeed went the route first with a Cooper’s Kit. Marcus and Aaron brewed one of them – and then went looking for the next challenge. They would do two batches in a night, one all-grain and the other using an extract syrup. They bought their ingredients from Brew Haven – as store that continues to serve well the London and area hombrewing community (http://www.brewhaven.on.ca/). Even then, while waiting for the mash to complete, while chilling the wort in a laundry tub, while transferring into buckets and then carboys, and while having a blast – the seeds for something more were being planted. These days we still work on our homebrew system, testing out some recipes and some processes. Today it’s transfer day and we’re moving an English style bitter and a American nut brown into kegs from the fermenters. Even now we look at the clean-in-place system we have developed to clean kegs and think of the next step – how to make it better, more efficient, and…cooler.

Maybe that’s what makes homebrewing so much fun; it can be a social time, a time for tooling around, and a time for recipe experimentation. We’re coming to a close on our homebrewing days, planning the system and the recipes for when we will be brewing in a commercial environment. It started with an idea, an idea encouraged by a gift to Marcus of Palmer’s “How to Brew” (http://www.howtobrew.com/), an idea encouraged by family and friends who enjoyed the unique and tasty beers, an idea encouraged by passion.

Is there a better way to spend your weekend?

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