New beer in town: Fire in the Pumpkin Patch

Written by David Thuss on November 1, 2014

I love sitting at the bar at The Root Cellar and seeing another new beer on the Beer Board. Today, it’s the Smoking Jacquette [update: the original name may have been too punny – we’ve renamed this great beer “Fire in the Pumpkin Patch”). What’s it like? Take the smokey notes of the Ode to The Wick nut brown ale (courtesy of that happy malting accident) add a few bushels of roast organic pumpkin from H.O.P.E Co-operative in Aylmer, balance with some Bertwell Hops from Guelph and season with fair trade organic cinnamon and nutmeg for a truly quaffable smoked pumpkin ale. ABV 5.4%

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