The Work of Not Brewing

I love brewing – I love taking the ingredients and making a delicious social drink. I love the experimentation and the camaraderie that exists while brewing with others. It’s a great time – lots of work but a great time. Yet, so much of getting our brewery up and running, of getting our beers into […]

Hey there elderberries

It’s always exciting to experiment. Exciting and terrifying! Because regardless of how much planning, number crunching, considerations, and practice…experimentation can get weird. Right now we have locally grown and hand-picked elderberries fermenting in two 20 litre glass carboys. They have been added to our wheat beer and to an oatmeal stout (that we brewed for […]

Commence Website Countdown

We are currently working on our website, double-checking the ones and zeros and ensuring that we’re presenting our best virtual face to our customers!

Winter Brew

It’s that familiar sound when the power comes on – a loud, single beep emanating from the smoke alarm. I normally associate that with summertime and aggressive thunderstorms. But it’s not summer, it’s winter. I get it up and look at my phone – it’s 4:28am. I walk downstairs to survey the situation. While looking […]

Brewing up London

We’re in the process of starting up Ontario’s first worker co-operative nano-sized craft brewery. Believe it!