Keep on Brewing

Wow! Our initial release list included the Bread Basket, Ode to the Wick, Local 117, our Watermelon Wheat, and the Springett Stout. It was ambitious to offer so many when we first started but we love the diversity of flavour that this lineup offered to customers at the Root Cellar. To date we have released […]

Homebrewing Adventures

For many home brewers their passion may have started with a Cooper’s Kit ( on their kitchen range – alone or with a friend. The next step may have been using some syrups from the local home brew shop and adding in your own hops additions. For us, it indeed went the route first with […]

Hey there elderberries

It’s always exciting to experiment. Exciting and terrifying! Because regardless of how much planning, number crunching, considerations, and practice…experimentation can get weird. Right now we have locally grown and hand-picked elderberries fermenting in two 20 litre glass carboys. They have been added to our wheat beer and to an oatmeal stout (that we brewed for […]

Winter Brew

It’s that familiar sound when the power comes on – a loud, single beep emanating from the smoke alarm. I normally associate that with summertime and aggressive thunderstorms. But it’s not summer, it’s winter. I get it up and look at my phone – it’s 4:28am. I walk downstairs to survey the situation. While looking […]