Brewery Operations

A common query from new brewers starting up is what applications to use to track their brewery operations. We have experimented with a number of things but we seem to have found the right solution with a mix of a conventional accounting program and the use of Google Spreadsheets for recipe creation, batch tracking, inventory […]


I was down at our future brewery space last night to work on some network and computer setups and realized that due to my schedule I hadn’t been down since the New Year! Lucky for me Aaron, Jeff, Joel and the rest of the wonderful folks at On The Move Organics and The Root Cellar […]

CRA Application done – onto the AGCO

I’m certainly becoming well versed in the legalese of incorporation and licensing. While we were officially incorporated in November 2013 we experienced some hiccups as it’s still a bit unusual for some of the ministries to deal with a co-operative. Along the way I’ve encountered a number of helpful folks at the various agencies who […]

The Work of Not Brewing

I love brewing – I love taking the ingredients and making a delicious social drink. I love the experimentation and the camaraderie that exists while brewing with others. It’s a great time – lots of work but a great time. Yet, so much of getting our brewery up and running, of getting our beers into […]

Commence Website Countdown

We are currently working on our website, double-checking the ones and zeros and ensuring that we’re presenting our best virtual face to our customers!

Brewing up London

We’re in the process of starting up Ontario’s first worker co-operative nano-sized craft brewery. Believe it!