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Aaron Lawrence – President, Director
Aaron has consistently sought to improve his craft as a brewer and his understanding of brewing science. The combination of art and science, creativity and control, is a large part of what excites Aaron about beer production. Aaron brings to the Co-operative a developed understanding of the brewing process including: ingredient selection, recipe creation, defining mash schedules, and fermentation control and monitoring. He has developed the recipes that have made London Brewing Co-operative beers so popular to its customers. His dedication to local means leveraging the unique qualities of each ingredient and producing a balance of flavour, aroma, and body that highlights the tastes of the region. As the owner of a successful restaurant and organic produce delivery company, he also brings a strong business sense to the Co-operative.

Jeff Pastorius – Treasurer, Director
After planting the seed of co-operative business development within the brewing collective, Jeff was essential to helping that seed grow. Jeff is passionate about our local and sustainable food-shed which led him to creating an organic food business, On The Move Organics, after graduating from Huron University College. Jeff developed a keen interest in co-operative business development while at university and formally sat on the steering committee of the Ontario-based Local Organic Food Co-op Network. Through many years of disciplined hard work, personal sacrifice and calculated fiscal practices, On The Move Organics grew far beyond a one-person operation. Leveraging this success and the greater access to local, sustainable food, Jeff helped establish The Root Cellar, a busy 65 seat restaurant in Old East Village and the current home of the London Brewing Co-operative. It’s no surprise, given these successes, that Jeff received the honour of being named in Business London’s “Twenty under Forty” class of 2015. Jeff currently sits on the board of the Old East Village Business Improvement Area and the Old East Village Development Corporation.

Joel Pastorius – Director
Joel came to the Co-operative as a sophomore student in the realm of brewing but quickly learned the elements of how to make a great beer. Today he works throughout the brewery in the maintenance of our kegs, our bottles, and of the brewing system. He prepares the bottles monthly for our pop-up shops and is always putting in the extra hours to ensure the highest quality product to our customers. Prior to joining the brewery, Joel spent innumerable hours in kitchens in his hometown of Windsor, which translated into a strong work ethic, tremendous industry knowledge, and the ability to juggle all the demands of our experimental work environment. 

Marcus Rosen – Director
Marcus emigrated from Sweden to London in 1984. Years later in 2002, he brewed his first batch of beer together with Aaron, and the love of the craft has remained with him regardless of where life leads. He spent his formative years in the Westmount area until 2000, when he began studies at the University of Waterloo.  Having earned his Bachelors in Applied Science in 2005, he settled in the Kitchener/Waterloo area where he still resides.  While living at a distance, Marcus is still involved in the brewing of beer, on-going co-operative business and planning, and special events. Most crucially, Marcus’ engineering skillset has been invaluable in the design and construction of the initial brew house, the clean-in-place system, and the bottling system. His expertise and knowledge has saved thousands of dollars and his innovations continue to benefit the entire Co-operative.

David Thuss – Secretary, Director
Growing up on a small family farm in Southwestern Ontario, life was filled with the joys, triumphs, and struggles of modern agriculture. Working alongside family to produce for yourselves and for others was a way of life; every season meant new challenges and new rewards. Grain co-operatives, credit unions, co-operation amongst other farmers, and a duty to the land were integral parts of David’s upbringing. As a result, forming as a worker co-operative, with an emphasis on supporting local agriculture, was the plan from day one. David first got involved in brewing in 2007 when he, along with Aaron, Marcus, and Jeff, embarked on building a gravity-fed propane-heated brewing system. The work on that system and the subsequent brews brought him up to speed very quickly in the world of brewing. His passion for co-operative ideals and love for the positive reactions of friends and family to the beers, continues to fuel his work in the brewery. David’s technical skills has brought many advances in process tracking and he manages the social media and public relations for the Co-operative.  David currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Old East Village Business Improvement and is helping to grow awareness of co-operatives through the Southwestern Ontario Co-op Network.